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When you attend a Life After Publishing conference you are guaranteed to walk away with information and resources that you can actually use to market and promote your book and yourself as an author.

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This time we're bringing the conference to you! Sit back in your PJs, grab some coffee, and soak up the information of this great one day marketing event!

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Did you know? Registered attendees to Life After Publishing will have the chance to win great door prizes:

  • 3 Copies of Market Yourself
  • 3 Copies of 31 Days of Marketing
  • 4 1 Year Digital Subscriptions to Southern Writers Magazine
  • 4 Protagonize Plus ( Memberships

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Can't get to the conference? No problem. This year, we're bringing it to you!

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The 2012 Life After Publishing conference is taking on a whole new format. This year, Leon Mentzer, JP Jones, and Nicholas Clayton, are bringing their marketing filled sessions directly to you. With their new  "webinar" format approach to the LAP conference you can now participate from virtually anywhere‚ virtually!

How does it work?
Just like a traditional conference you will enjoy both watching the speakers talk as well as following along with their power points and illustrations all via your computer.

What do you need to participate?
You won't need any fancy set ups or super computers. To participate in the conference all you'll need is an internet connection and a telephone‚ or computer speakers, handy.

What if I'm not a "computer" person? Can I still enjoy the conference?
We have made every effort to make it as easy as possible to connect to and participate in the conversations taking place at the Life After Publishing conference.

Life After Publishing: Marketing & Promotions

So you've written a book and it's been published…You might have thought you were finished, but it is just the beginning.

Where Do I Go From Here?Where do you go from here?

Book Marketing expert and author of "Amen! A Simple Guide to Self-Marketing Your Christian Book" Leon Mentzer, will share practical advice and time tested strategies to help you make your book marketing efforts a success. Learn how to sale you're book, "one book at a time" and keep your chin up as you climb the steep ladder to book marketing success.

Mentzer's practical teaching style and real-life examples of other authors who started out just like you will give you the encouragement you need to "pound the pavement" and make your book a success.

Other speakers include, JP Jones, author of "Market Yourself: A Beginner's Guide to Social Media" and owner of Paige1Media. Jones teaches authors how to use FREE marketing tools to leverage their awareness through social media and the importance of creating online connections and networking.

Nicholas Clayton, owner of Collipsis Web Solutions, will share the importance of having a good Author Web site and what should and should NOT be included. What a good site looks like and how to achieve that without breaking your bank.

Wherever you are on the road of publishing you don't want to miss this conference! You are guaranteed to walk away with actual actionable steps that you can begin applying to your marketing and promotion immediately.

Additionally, every attendee will receive:

  • Leon's 7,100 Media Outlets on CD in easy to use spreadsheet format. This list includes confirmed and up-to-date contact information for Bookstores, Churches, Radio and TV stations, Newspapers & Magazines outlets across the United States.
  • Notes and powerpoint presentations from every session available for download.
  • Special Discounts on professional design and Web site marketing.
  • One-On-One Opportunities after the conference to converse with our speakers and ask questions specific to your niche and marketing efforts.

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